Widening my audience

This year I was intentional about sharing my passion for positive mental health, boundaries and teaching consent lessons with a wider audience because I wanted to create new opportunities for myself outside of my day job. Although I have loved my job as a Comprehensive High School Counselor I want to focus more on social emotional counseling in the future. So I stepped outside my comfort zone and completed new projects.

I was interviewed by Teacher Horizons a recruiting service about international school counseling. https://www.teacherhorizons.com/advice/advising-around-the-world/

I wrote an article about the importance of teaching consent lessons a topic that I am passionate about. https://www.teacherhorizons.com/advice/the-importance-of-discussing-consent-with-my-high-school-students

I joined an affinity group with three other members from AIELOC -The Association of International Educators and Leaders of Color to do a series of conversations on strategies around self care, boundaries, and physical well-being.

I presented at two different conferences. The topic for the PSCOC conference was
Understanding the What and Why of Consent. For the IACAC conference I presented with three other School Counselors and the topic was An Inventory of Worries that focused on the results from a student survey.

In October I completed a major milestone and became a workshop facilitator for AMISA -American International Schools in the A​mericas an organization that works with international schools. I created and ran a three series workshop for Counselors and other staff on how to create and teach consent lessons to their students.

I wrote an article on the power of an apology and how it creates safe spaces for students to be vulnerable and honest. https://www.tieonline.com/article/3053/the-power-of-an-apology-in-creating-safe-spaces-for-students

This week I participated in an IG live Educator Experiences conversation about international school counseling hosted by Worldwide Educator. I loved this conversation because I got to learn a lot about the other counselors and to reminisce about some of many experiences. Here’s the Video if you want to watch.

In 2022 I will focus on looking for a job and pursuing new beginnings. I am excited about securing more paid opportunities to facilitate workshops around consent, boundaries and positive mental health. #newbeginnings #SchoolCounselorlife #workshopfacilitator #positivementalhealth #Consent #Boundaries

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