Resilience, Faith 🙏🏾and Gratitude

A lot of my friends tell me that I am courageous because I chose to live abroad alone for the past 9 years. However the word I would use to describe myself is resilient. Despite the challenges I learned to lean on my faith, and I always figure out a way to focus on the good in life and push through. I believe that my prayers and the prayers of people who love me will protect me and that God will supply all my needs. This doesn’t mean that I have gotten everything I wanted in life but I have been blessed in so many ways. 2020 was different, there were moments of tears and frustration but I have pushed through the hard times and kept believing even when I felt discouraged. 2020 has been a challenge for all of us around the world with covid 19, lockdowns, curfews, travel restrictions and deaths. Yet we have made it, experiencing some happiness and blessings even in these tough times.

This Christmas I planned a trip to South Africa to meet up with a friend and due to unforseen circumstances I ended up in SA alone. Initially I was very disappointed but I was determined to enjoy this trip so I filled it with pool days, tasty food and alcohol, desserts and bubble baths in Johannesburg. A day after I arrived in Cape Town, SA implemented a lockdown with a 9pm curfew, the closing of the beaches and a ban on alcohol. The beach ban wasn’t so much of an issue because it has not gotten above 75 degrees and for this island gyal that is not bikini weather. I was determined to enjoy my trip so I sat outside when I ate lunch so I could be close to the ocean. I gave myself a spa day to rejuvenate my spirit. A hot stone massage with CBD oil, pedicure and manicure left me feeling lighter and so happy.

Today I started my day by reflecting and writing in my journal. I wrote about the things I am grateful for and the prayers I have for 2021. Then I chose to treat myself to a nice lunch at the V&A Waterfront where the views are lovely and I could sit outside. Although the next 3 days left in SA will not be how I intended, I will continue to do things that make me smile. Tomorrow is another spa day because I deserve to be pampered. In 2020 I learned to focus on the blessings in my life, to take time alone when I feel overwhelmed, to prioritize self care in my eating, sleep habits and movement, to reach out to friends when I feel defeated, to be grateful for the little things in life, to speak my truth even when others disagree, to prioritize my comfort above what is easy, to continue to create the life I desire even when it seems improbable.

My favorite things from this vacation include the variety of great food because I love to eat out, being close to the ocean, sunsets, ice cream, chocolate, bubble baths, my new Chill body butter and massages. I am grateful for this life that I created and excited about the blessings that will manifest in 2021. As I move into 2021, I am grateful for my family and friends who stayed connected and encouraged me when I felt frustrated. I am grateful for therapy when I needed it. I am grateful for my job because it allows me to have an impact on young people, to teach them healthy habits, to be an example of how to deal with frustration in a healthy way, and how to practice balance and self care. I am grateful for my health and that I can afford vacations like these. This year I did something new, I am proud of myself for writing an article about consent for TIE online because it’s an important topic . I hope you also read the article and discuss and share it with your community.

I hope all of you reading this post will be blessed in 2021, that you will see the fruits of your labor manifest. Happy New Year 🙏🏾 #thebestisyettocome #Blackexpat #Blackandabroad #myexpatlife #travelismytherapy #restandrejuvenation #2021ishere #letmyhelpersfindme #blessingsgalore #resilient #faith #grateful #2021willbemybestyearyet

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  1. brathwaitecomcastnet says:

    A massage with CBD oil sounds rejuvenating! I am sending up prayers for the fulfillment of all your 2021 priorities.

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