Cairo winters are cold #seriously😬😩

Most people who know me well, know I dislike, no hate winter, and my body doesn’t tolerate being cold very well…I am not being dramatic, well maybe a little bit 😰. I hate prolonged cold weather, I am not a fan of snow, I am not interested in cold weather events and most of all I cannot sleep well if I am cold and if my head is cold most likely I will end up with a migraine. #whoaisme Yes, this is a rant of sorts, not really I am just so over Cairo winter and I want it to end😢but mostly I want to inform my friends about Cairo winters.

So with that in mind Cairo winter has been a challenge for me because it is colder than I expected inside my apartment and at work. I can deal with outside because I can wear a coat and the required extras but I don’t want to be cold when I am inside. So while I am grateful that I am missing out on US winter, I am still cold often almost every day since I got back in January. When I tell my friends in the US that I am cold here, most immediately ask me what the temp is…sigh. Of course when I say 50 to 64 they say things like that’s not cold but it IS cold here in Cairo. Despite the number it IS winter here and 50 to 60 IS cold, cold enough for a coat, scarf, hat, sweaters, layers, tights, boots and heat in your home. In other words don’t let the temps fool you🧐. What people who live in the West don’t understand is that desert cold is chilly and here in Cairo you have the added wind/sand and the fact that most of the heating is subpar. I needed to buy warm sweaters (don’t judge me) since I didn’t have many presentable ones left because the last time I bought new ones was about 4 years ago but that part was easy.

SO back to my initial point that the only place I am truly warm is at work in my office with the heat on. As soon I walk out into the hallway I am cold again, sometimes it’s even colder than outside because they keep all the doors wide open and the wind is free to take over the hallways. Because #Cairolife and Egyptians seem to like the not so fresh air blowing around them. But if you go out into the hallway you will see lots of adults in their coats inside while the children most likely have no coats at all…hmmm.

In my apartment, the windows are not sealed and it is drafty. As it relates to heat there are individual wall units that function for both AC and heat in each room but the air is sometimes warm-ish and sometimes cool #WTF? But there are no units in the kitchen or bathroom so cooking and going to the bathroom are not fun and #realtalk getting naked and taking showers is just plain torture. I had to buy a radiator to provide extra heat because my drafty bedroom and I feel lucky when my the unit in my bedroom blows warm air instead of cool air so I can sleep through the night which is not often. As you can tell from this post, the last couple of nights this has not been the case. My apartment is often colder than outside and my coconut oil is usually solid even in the morning when I wakeup #seriouslythisisaproblem

Interesting fact…when I applied for this job I reached out to people and of course I asked about the weather because #realtalk it’s important to know. But the people I spoke to said it didn’t get that cold and it didn’t last very long. Well I am here to say they LIED…if I had known it would be this cold for this long I would have passed on the job. I know, I know😝that sounds dramatic but when I lived in Ethiopia I hated the weather and it affected my mood and it led to some serious hibernation so I was/am not interested in being in a cold place again for more than a week or two EVER. Yes I admit that makes me extra but in order for me to enjoy the place I am living it cannot have winter. No I don’t miss seasons and yes I prefer tropical weather. Of course now people are saying oh this winter is colder than usual and I am giving them the side eye 🤫. Truthfully most of my morning is spent trying not to be extra cranky before I thaw out. Today is hard because I am starting to feel run down because of the poor sleep and according to the weather it’s supposed to be colder for the next week and no I won’t tell you the temp because I don’t want your judgement 🤦🏾‍♀️. On a positive note, it’s 2 weeks until Spring break and I plan to be at the beach for 4 days because it’s my happy place and I need the sun to rejuvenate me.

This has been my rant PSA on Cairo winters, I hope you enjoyed it. I’m so looking forward to the warm weather and praying it will be here in early March after I return from Spring Break 🤞🏾. In the meantime stretch forth your hands towards me and say #hush #woosah #itwillbeok #itsooncome #bundleup #hanginthere #thereslightattheendofthetunnel mytraveljourney #BlackExpat #blackandabroad #blacktravelculture #wanderlust #Blackwomenwhotravel #blackwomenwhoblog

Yes I am being extra😜with this post because #normalisoverrated 🤷🏾‍♀️and #Cairolife brings it out in me. 💃🏾🤔#BlackExpat #blackandabroad #blackwomenwhoblog

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