I think I have found the one for me… 😉

I think I have finally found the right salon for me here in Cairo🤩🤗

It has been 8 years since I left the USA to move abroad and work in international schools. There have been many challenges and finding someone to wash and do my locs was one😏.  While I  lived in Maryland I did my own locs because of how expensive it was. But since living abroad it became a challenge to find the right salon. Oftentimes  I had to convince stylists that washing locs is the same as washing regular hair…sigh🤨.

In the DR they had no idea what to do with my hair but I could get it washed sometimes in cold water…yikes and no.  So I chose to do it myself and when I moved to Jamaica I chose to continue to do it myself because it was just not affordable. In Ethiopia I  was able to find a salon close to school where they would wash and twist my hair🤗 and I was so happy. This happiness was short lived when the stylist moved but I  could at least still get it washed and dryed whenever I  wanted…cool.  Once I moved to Bangkok I again encountered the struggle of trying to convince stylists that washing locsa was the same as regular hair and I didn’t always win at this😳.

Since I have moved to Cairo I have been able to get it washed with no problem…yippee. But the challenge has been finding a place with a dryer I can sit under. What seems so easy has been challenging because most women here get their hair straightened and don’t sit under the dryer.  Just when I thought I had found a place, the owner and clients  smoked inside…so nah because it defeats the purpose to get my hair washed if you’re smoking…Duh😒. The next place was perfect, close to my house, they had a dryer but it has since been closed every time I try to go back there, so the search continued.

Today I went to a new place in walking distance, Nefertari and it was so  good😁. The woman who washed my hair did a great job. She spoke English, scrubbed my scalp, massaged my ears and neck and I honestly wanted to cry tears of joy😌.  She even sprayed my hair with the conditioner that I brought with me and put my hair butter on my scalp.  And all for under $10 usd🤗.  After much searching and disappointment, I think I have found the one…the salon for me here in Cairo. Only time will tell how I feel about the service but if today was any indication it is a good start…oh the little things in life makes life so much sweeter💜 ☺️.  #Cairolife #expatlife  #naturalhairchronicles #I💜mydredlocs #BlackExpat #mytraveljourney #blackandabroad #blacktravelculture #wanderlust #Blackwomenwhotravel #blackwomenwhoblog

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  1. Lucie says:

    Glad you found a hair salon that works for you and I hope it will stay open as long as you are in Cairo! Happy washing!!!


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