Cairo life is different and interesting🤪 pt. 2

So I have been back in Cairo since August and I have realized a couple of things.

I STAND OUT not really as a black woman because there are a lot of us here in Cairo but as a black woman in this body with red dreds and colorful earrings and clothing. I get a fair amount of attention from men that sometimes makes me uneasy. Men here make lewd noises or comments about my body often – while it is not new because I experienced it in Boston,  it feels different for sure😕. I had an older man recently tell me I have a great body.  Dude was old y’all

And the pick up lines are interesting.  I had a man in a store recently ask me if I had a map.  I looked at him with a puzzled face as I said no. His answer: because I am lost in your eyes Whomp whomp.  I had to tell him that line was so so bad to which he laughed. I guess he just want a reaction? #SHRUG🤔

People at work still make comments about my clothing – it’s colorful because I like to wear African fabrics and bright colors. You would think they would be expect it by now  since I have been here since April 😏

People comment on how I smell sometimes – recently at work one of the IT guys asked me what perfume I was wearing. I told him I don’t wear any, it was probably my lotion. He told me not to forget to tell him the brand it was because he liked it. While it’s not unusual for students to make comments about the coconut lotion that I have on my desk, it felt weird to get that from a grown man.  I can’t make this stuff up y’all 😳

Every time I go walking I come home with dirty feet because Cairo is dirty and dusty as F out in these streets. #Geesh #RememberWashyafeet 🤪 #desertlifeisdusty

Walking in Cairo can be a trip, I mean like an obstacle course because the sidewalks are not built well, some are slippery because they use inside tiles that are slippery when wet and the cars will come barreling towards you as if to run you over when you walk in the streets #yikes 😳

And then there’s the challenge of trying to get my hair washed. While it is easy to find a salon, it has been difficult to find one that has a dryer I can sit under. I thought I had found a place recently but it was not open at all the last couple of weekends and no one is answering the phone. Ugh 🤪#Cairolife

There are times when it feels like I’m invisible as a woman. Some men in Cairo will act as if you’re not standing in line and either push in front of you or speak over you to get served first. It’s an example of Entitlement at its worst.😐😐

I continue to be shocked by the trash that Egyptians drop on the streets and the incessant smoking indoors. It’s disgusting. The government just announced that in 3 months they will clean up the streets so I’m hopeful.👊👊

It is great to get out of the city for the weekend and go out to Ain Sokhna to the beach. It’s an hour and a half ride and a private car to go there costs 1300 le round trip which is about $73 bucks, my split was $27 not bad for door to door service.  It is a great quiet weekend getaway  #beachgal #myhappyplace 😊😉 #Cairolife

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  1. Lucy says:

    Loved reading this! Hugs from Addis. And keep wearing those fancy skirts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 😀 definitely they are part of my personality 😉 hugs to you


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